Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tied to Success

William Judge
Science Teacher
Hand Middle School

Standard 8.E.4 of the South Carolina Science Standards suggests that there is an observable universe.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is in that universe.  In the Milky Way exists an unfathomable amount of stars.  Our star is the sun.  We live on Earth, which orbits the sun once every 365 days.  Every 24 hours, Earth makes one rotation on its axis at a speed of 1,040 mph.  

The order of the universe continues.  At the start of each period, my 8th grade gentlemen know to set their materials at their desks and line up outside of my classroom for “the talk.”   This is when I have the opportunity to teach young boys what it takes to be a man.  It’s something that goes beyond academics.  Manliness is about self-respect and the respect of others.  It’s about selflessness and service.  It’s about doing the right thing when no one is looking.  It’s about looking your best, feeling your best, and doing your best.

These young gentlemen have begged me to give them the opportunity to voice “the talk.”  Now, I have the privilege of listening intently to these leaders encourage, challenge, and inspire their classmates and me.  Outside of my classroom, boys are becoming men.  They’ve learned to look a man in the eye, extend their hand, and execute a firm handshake.  They know that presenting a man with a “dead fish” is never an option.  We are currently learning to properly tie neck ties; a skill that every man ought to know and no man will ever forget.   It must fall to center of the belt.  Not too long.  Not too short.   

As the Earth keeps spinning and Hand Middle School becomes a memory, my hope is that “the talks” stick.  I hope that handshakes and neck ties become reminders to my young men of their worth, potential, and success.  My 8th grade boys are model Hornets who “Love Blue” and “Live Gold.”  They truly are “tied” to success. 


  1. These young gentlemen will never forget the interest you took in them and what you have taught them.
    Job well done good and faithful servant

    1. I am so honored to know William. He is such a positive presence on our team.